North Carolina improv team: Wait, What?

Wait, What?

[This site is currently under construction so give it a break] A generous handful of Little Peanut Butter Charlies, seeking enlightenment, the perfect donut (or doughnut, we can't reach consensus), and a living wage. Ours is long-form improv, with constantly changing long-form forms, forming a reasonably long long-form form, but (hopefully) not too long a long-form form. You'll have to decide. While we like game, what we really like is each other, and performing relationship-based scenes that leave you wanting oh so much more. Then giving you just a little bit more. Basically we want you to leave our show having been entertained, but feeling a bit angry. Hungry, even, and clamoring for more. Assuming, arguendo, that most of the foregoing is constituted of lies, let's just say we like to play together, and hope you will like to come play with us. Since there is no other place to add Website/Facebook link: